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Cascadia Roaster's Instant Adventure Anywhere

Whether you find yourself traveling, backpacking, at home, on the road or in the air, or needing a great cup of coffee just about anywhere, Instant Adventure is the coffee for you. With no special equipment required, our Instant Adventure packets and Multi Serve Jars are designed to assure a quality cup of coffee anywhere you have a cup and water.

It's less expensive than a cup from a lobby coffee shop or airport cafe; a much better bet than the hotel's pre-ground bag of who-knows-what coffee that has been aging for who-knows-how-long; and more delicious than any gas station or rest stop brew. Instant Adventure products are easy to toss in a suitcase, backpack, bag or purse. 

You can be a barista anywhere and make your own craft coffee in just 10 seconds.

In 2019, my wife, Susan, and I traveled to Thailand and Cambodia. We took along a supply of our Instant Adventure packets for the trip and we were so glad we did! While we can enjoy all types of coffee, it was so nice NOT to depend Nescafe (served at most hotels and other accommodations) or soy sauce/fish sauce infused coffees in Cambodia - yea that is a thing!


It was great to carry a bit of home with us wherever we went. On the plane ride, we asked for a cup of hot water. In hotels, we ran water though a coffee maker without any coffee in it to create a cup of instant comfort. Once on an island in the Gulf of Cambodia, we cut open a can of Klang and mixed our coffee with filtered cold water for a cup of cold brew. So while we can enjoy most any kind of coffee experience for what it is, being able to have the coffee we loved wherever we wanted made our adventures even more enjoyable.

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