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Instant Adventure FAQs

All of the instant coffee I've had has been terrible. What makes Instant Adventure different from other instant?

Instant coffee often gets a bad rap from the typical U.S. coffee connoisseur, and with good reason. The majority of instant coffee products on the market are made with substandard beans. Plus, they’re made using an outdated process that goes all the way back to World War I. Here at Cascadia, we knew we could do better to produce a coffee with the convenience of instant while retaining all the robust flavor of a traditionally brewed cup. 

Here are the steps we take to make a great instant coffee:

  1. Instant Adventure starts with the same specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans we offer for our whole-bean coffees. So, for example, if you love our Cannonball dark roast whole bean coffee, you’ll also love our Cannonball Instant Adventure coffee. They come from the same flavorful beans. We don't use the cheaper, less-flavorful robusta beans used in many instant coffees.
  2. We brew a flavorful, nuanced concentrate that exactly captures the flavor profile of a fresh-brewed cup of our whole bean coffees. Because we brew a concentrate from the get-go, our instant coffees don't have to go through the second "cooking" that so many other instant coffees do to "boil down" their coffee to a concentrate.
  3. We freeze-dry our flavorful, concentrated brew into a powder using a proprietary process we developed through careful experimentation... versus old-school heat drying approach typically used for other instant coffees, which actually “cooks” the coffee yet again, further degrading its flavor and adding bitterness.
  4. We pack that powder into vacuum-sealed, single-serve pouches to preserve freshness until you’re ready to add water and enjoy your perfect cup.

Want to know more?  Check out our interesting article about history of Instant Coffee and they ways we've innovated the process.

Is Instant Adventure better hot or iced?

Instant Adventure coffees are ready to be brewed just how you like it: hot or cold, black or with any type of creamer, sweetener, or with added flavoring. Any method you use to flavor a traditionally-brewed coffee or espresso can be used in conjunction with our Instant Adventure coffee.

What's the best way to make a cup of hot coffee with Instant Adventure? 

  1. Tear open a packet and pour it into your favorite mug
  2. Add 8-10oz of hot water
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy!

What's the best way to make iced coffee with Instant Adventure? 

  1. Tear open a packet and pour it into your favorite mug or glass
  2. Add 8-10oz of cold water
  3. Stir
  4. Add ice (optional)
  5. Enjoy!

Can I use Instant Adventure to make an espresso-type drink? How?

To create the equivalent of an espresso shot, mix one packet of IA with 4oz of hot water. Then, you can use your shot to create drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, using the type and amount of milk (or milk substitute) you’d normally use. 

I want a stronger brew. Should I just use less water?

No. This is probably the most common mistake among Instant Adventure users. We have already brewed for strength, so adding less water (or adding more powder) will not boost the strength of the cup. In fact, too little water or too much powder can compress the flavor into an unpleasant, overly vibrant, sweet* or tangy cup of coffee.

To achieve different strengths, try the following:

  1. Discover your favorite coffee among our Light, Medium and Dark roasts. The darker the roast, the stronger the flavor.
  2. Dilute within the parameters of 8-10 oz of water per packet. At 8 oz, the coffee will become more “sweet*” and vibrant, while at 10 oz the roast profile emerges, providing more roasty flavors and balancing the sweetness. Beyond 10 oz will begin to taste watered down.
  3. Experiment: Try your favorite coffees at 8, 9, 10 and perhaps 11oz to find the cup that you love. 

*By “sweet” we are not referring to sugar or additives. Instead, “sweet” is a term used in specialty coffee that refers to the vibrancy and intensity of a coffee’s acidity.

When I empty Instant Adventure into my cup of hot water, some of the instant coffee sticks in the packet. What should I do? 

This is a common problem, because when steam rises into the open packet it moistens the powder, sticking it to the sides of the packet. So empty the powder into the cup first, then add hot water.

What's the shelf life? Does it have to be stored a certain way? 

For best long-term results, store Instant Adventure in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and damp conditions. Extreme conditions can cause the packaging to break down and affect the product and flavor. When stored properly, the packets will retain optimal flavor for up to 9-12 months.

What else can I do with Instant Adventure?

Instant Adventure is amazing as a cocktail mixer, in pastries and baked goods, and of course for specialty coffee drinks. We've shared some of our favorite recipes in our News section.

I love Instant Adventure and never want to run out - what should I do? 

Many of our Instant Adventure customers feel the same way you do! One way to always have some on-hand is to sign up for an auto-delivery subscription. Just go to theInstant Adventure product page, select “subscription,” choose either a 6-pack or 20-pack, and then set the schedule you’d like to receive auto shipments (i.e. monthly, twice per month, every other month, etc.). You can pause, modify, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Why not just brew “regular” coffee? 

We love the outdoors and enjoy outdoor activities, primarily backcountry hiking and camping. We also enjoy high-quality coffee. We began our journey toward creating Instant Adventure with the idea that there had to be a way to enjoy great coffee outdoors without lugging along a lot of special equipment for brewing or having a big mess to clean up afterward. 

After launching Instant Adventure primarily focusing on outdoor activities and travel, we discovered that its appeal extends to specialty coffee drinkers hooked on the ease of making outstanding coffee at home, at school, or at work, as well.

One of our cafe regulars shared this feedback:

These [Instant Adventure coffees] have ruined our daily pour-over habit at home. It is just too fast and easy to heat water and have a great cup of coffee with really nothing to clean up.

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