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New Madiera Finished Whisky Barrel for Barrel-Aged Beans

When we say “Barrel Aged” coffee that is exactly what it means- we age our green (pre roasted) coffee in Whiskey Barrels provided to us from the wonderful folks at Bull Run Distillery. Every so often we need to replace our barrels. Each new barrel comes from different products that Bull Run produces and bring a different nuance to our coffee.

This latest barrels we received from Bull Run were used to make their Madiera Finished, Single Malt Whiskey and they have done some marvelous things to our coffee. The beans have taken on some of the same tasting notes of highly sought-after spirit including caramel, walnut oil, peach, hazelnut, orange peel, and caramelized sugar.

image of madiera finished whiskey by bull run*

We probably won't get another one of these unique barrels so quantities of this particular roast are limited so buy now.

Barrel Aged Coffee Beans


*Photo Credit: Patrick Moen

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