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Cascadia Roasters, Portland, Oregon

Coffee in the Adventuring Spirit of the Great Northwest

“Cascadia” stands for the spirit of independent thinkers and dreamers who see life as an adventure and say “I can do that.” Our name refers to the majestic Cascade mountain range of the Pacific Northwest… as well as the adventuring spirit of the folks who live here.

To us, coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a trusted companion that makes every day a little more extraordinary. In the same way a hike to a crystal-clear lake has the power to clear the mind and lighten the spirit, a great cup of coffee has the power to warm and focus us for the adventure ahead.

So we take great care in crafting our coffees. We start by sourcing the best coffee beans, of course. Then we roast them in small batches for exceptional flavor and aroma. They’re shipped fresh to your door, so that when you open that box you’re greeted by the absolutely best-smelling mail delivery you’ll ever receive: coffee that’s ready to brew and at the absolute height of perfection.

Or if you happen to be in town, come on by and enjoy a great cup of coffee with us in person. We’re proud to serve Cascadia Coffees at our coffee pub in NW Portland. Interested in starting a wholesale coffee relationship with us... or just have more questions? We're happy to help. Please reach out to us here and we'll get right back to you.

What Cascadia means to us...

We created Cascadia Coffee Roasters to do more than just offer a great coffee experience. For us, Cascadia is also our way to give back, invest in our community and make a difference in the world in which we live.

Every day is an amazing adventure. We’re so honored to share your adventure with you.

Jason and Susan

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