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Cold Brew

Small-Batch NW Cold Brew: Big Flavor, Smooth Finish, Easy Drinking

Our NW Cold Brew is locally-roasted, brewed in small batches and ready-to-drink.  What makes it so delicious? It’s slow-brewed in a cold-water process that extracts just the natural sugars, oils and caffeine – with a lot less acidity than traditional coffee. The result is a remarkably smooth and easy-drinking coffee experience.

Three Flavors to Choose from:

The OG Cold Brew

Like the force of nature, our original cold brew has a beautiful dark chocolate color and medium-bodied presence. This  smooth, richly flavored cold brew has an aroma reminiscent of toffee and caramel. It will wow you with its toasted oak and chocolate seductive aroma. The smooth, well-balance finish both satisfies and quenches. Sip for yourself. Our Original cold brew is a well-rounded brew served up with a clean finish.
Tasting notes: Rich creamy milk chocolate, toasted oak with a hint of amaretto.


Vanilla Bean Cold Brew

Our Vanilla Bean cold brew is a love note in liquid form. With classic elegance and balance, we infuse our Original cold brew recipe with Madagascar vanilla and vegan sugar to create the simplest of vanilla notes to our Original recipe. Take a sip and fall in love with this new take on our original recipe.
Tasting notes: Rich creamy milk chocolate and toasted oak with sweet vanilla sugar.


Nitro Cold Brew

Our Original cold brew recipe infused with 100% nitrogen to create “the sexiest coffee in the Pacific Northwest.” The suspended nitrogen gives the cold brew a creamy mouth-feel and accentuates the flavors, transforming the cold brew from a drink to an experience.
Tasting notes: Nitrogen-infused, so it's rich, bold cold-brewed coffee transformed from a drink into an experience.

Find Cascadia Cold Brew At: 

Cascadia Coffee Pub, Coffee Time, Market of Choice, and Plaid Pantry stores in Oregon.

In Portland, you can also find us at Baby Doll Pizza, Beaumont Market, Barbur World Foods, Cascade Brewing Barrel House Craft Pour House (Beaverton), Cycle Dog, Great Notion Brewpub, Greenleaf JuiceGuardian Games, Hot Lips Pizza, Movement (fka Planet Granite), Opal's Night & Day, The Hostel Cafe, and other fine regional cafes, markets, and restaurants.

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