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Cascadia Roasters: Instant Adventure Anywhere

Whether you find yourself traveling, backpacking, at home, on the road or in the air, or needing a great cup of coffee just about anywhere, Instant Adventure is the coffee for you. With no special equipment required, our Instant Adventure packets and Multi Serve Jars are designed to assure a quality cup of coffee anywhere you have a cup and water.

It's less expensive than a cup from a lobby coffee shop or airport cafe; a much better bet than the hotel's pre-ground bag of who-knows-what coffee that has been aging for who-knows-how-long; and more delicious than any gas station or rest stop brew. Instant Adventure products are easy to toss in a suitcase, backpack, bag or purse. 

You can be a barista anywhere and make your own craft coffee in just 10 seconds.

It was great to carry a bit of home with us wherever we went. On the plane ride, we asked for a cup of hot water. In hotels, we ran water though a coffee maker without any coffee in it to create a cup of instant comfort. And we always take plenty with us whenever we go camping.

Instant Adventure coffees are the perfect way to minimize what you carry, with little trash and clean up. We package our specialty instant coffee so you to enjoy a truly great cup of coffee anywhere while practicing Leave No Trace habits.

We find ourselves car camping a lot throughout the year, as car camping is easier for impromptu get aways into the wilderness. At these times, we love the ease of grabbing a jar or packets of Instant Adventure to have the coffee we love anywhere! The jar is small enough to nestle into our camping kitchen galley set up and we can enjoy a great cup of coffee with no mess or the hassle of a bunch of extra brewers to clean up.

In 2018 I took my longest backpacking trip, 9 days, on the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. For a trip of this length, with only one restocking cache, I had to plan my pack weight well so as not to struggle with the grueling elevation changes along this route. My base weight was 13# plus food and fuel (I carried about 1.5 pounds of food/snacks per day). At under 4g per packet, I was able to efficiently carry exactly what I wanted to enjoy my daily routine of 2 cups per day. It was a cinch to have great coffee with amazing views.

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