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Doing More to Reduce Coffee Waste

Tread More Lightly

Coffee is a massive cash crop for poor communities around the world and it's enjoyed people everywhere.  Unfortunately, it also creates tremendous waste in the process. Woopecker WPC is a Colombia-based construction company that utilizes coffee waste to create sustainable housing. They use coffee husks to build eco-friendly and affordable housing for low-income communities and the blocks can be easily assembled without any specialized training or tools. From

Coffee Waste Construction

"Over the course of a year, the UK produces up to 500,000 tonnes of waste from coffee production, which gets sent to landfill and produces 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Woodpecker WPC’s process of recycling coffee husks means that the amount of waste being sent to landfill from the coffee production process is cut down, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, this fast and lightweight construction system makes it possible for low-income communities to access safe and affordable housing."

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One step we're taking to be more sustainable and globally thoughtful is upgrading our coffee bean packaging to recyclable bags. So now when you buy our beans you'll leave a lighter trace.

Cascadia Coffee Beans

Tell us about what you do to tread lightly. We'd love to hear your tips, tricks, and advice on how to help be more sustainable and eco-conscious. 

(Photo source Woodpecker)

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