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Hi All,

Jason here, now that the weather has turned and the world is opening back up again, Susan and I have been getting out as much as possible!

We hope you carve out time for yourself and your own adventures! Whether it is a quick overnighter or a multi-day through hike, here are a few of my favorite gear choices that have served me in the backcountry.

Sleep system:

As for my tent, we pack with Six Moon designs Lunar Duo ultralight tent - I should call it a sleeping pavilion it has so much room. This tent is so great, it still qualifies as lightweight, but the head room and interior space is amazing. We can easily sit up and play cards the trips where a bit of weather rolled in we needed to avoid.

Sleeping Bag - Honestly I’ve had the same bag for 12 years and I can’t remember what it is. HOWEVER, whenever I can, I steal my sons goose down sleeping quilt- love it.

Food System:

I have the a 12 year old Jetboil that I have beaten to death. It is so mangled, but it fires up every time, sooooo….I’ve just not brought myself to get a new one. I’ve certainly used it to make hot water for rehydrating meals or have hot drinks, but I’ve also figured out how to bake muffins and poach eggs for a special breakfast on the trail.

Water filtration:

The Sawyer water filtration system. Love them but hate the 'squeeze bags' that they come with. Ditch those and pick up a CNOC water container (make sure your CNOC bags and Sawyer system are compatible).

There you have it! Those are a few of my favorite things. Email us if you’d like to chat more specifically about gearing up for the outdoors.

We’d love to help.


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