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Week One on the Trail: Larsen Tormey

Week One

Here's my recap from one week on the trail. I'm excited to be following my  journey with me, keep up with me on IG 


"Week 1 is in the books. I don’t think I could have asked for a better starting weather window. Cowboyed the first four nights under clear skies and beautiful Georgia vistas.

I did not remember how much of a meat grinder Georgia and North Carolina were. I mean the daily elevation isn’t absurd but I still feel it. In all the ways it feels like I know the Appalachian trail, at the same time it is showing me I don’t remember it in it’s entirety. It is a beautiful experience and opportunity I am grateful for.

All in all the trail has treated me incredibly well so far. I meet a lot of people but at the same time will probably never see many of them again.

Taking a cushy Nero today at yellow gap (hot tub, laundry, shower, clean gear, doggos, calm vibes).

Hiking into the smokies tomorrow with the homie Sarah Phil is joining from Fontana till newfound gap. I’m really excited for this next stretch and to share it with good company.

I hope the body continues to recover as much as it can and continue blessing me with happy days. So far I’ve been dealing with moderate foot fatigue and general aches and pains. Actually started the trail with a pulled lateral quad which was fun. But the body is hanging in and it is definitely starting to get easier. Just wait till the legs fully come in.

All in all just going to continue doing what works for me. Some big storms have been rolling through the past few days but I’ve been strategic. Let’s hope I can make it through this cold front at elevation. We are running the bare minimum for warm weather gear..yikes."

7 day mileage breakdown: 22.78, 21, 25.80, 30.51, 18.03, 22.99, 14.2
4/7/21 ending mileage: 158.7 miles
Average: 22.6 miles

Running Totals:
1 pound Soylent bags consumed: 1
Trail magic instances: 5
Cowboy camped: 4

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