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Instant Adventure - Virtually Carb Free! Nutritional Info & Ingredients

Instant Adventure Specialty Instant Coffee poured into camp mug

We recently received the following message:

"I'm inquiring about your nutritional information about your instant coffees...and I'm needing to verify any and all ingredients in the instant coffees to make sure there is no added sugar in it."

The good news is that our current Instant Adventure specialty instant coffee line up consists of only coffee and water, with nothing else added. Our different products vary in flavor due to the origin of the beans and roast profile. Nothing else is added (or needed) to enhance the flavor.

Our instants were developed with those who appreciate the nuances of speciality coffee in mind. They rival flavor profiles found in batch brew and pour overs available at a speciality coffee shop. A Q-Grader (an individual with a highly refined coffee palate, the equivalent position to a wine sommelier) cupped one of our offerings and exclaimed 'this is not only the best instant I’ve ever had, but one of the best coffees I’ve had this week.'

As for nutritional information, black drip coffee is typically assigned a value of less than 1 carb with most nutritional information calculators or sources of information. We’ve seen calorie counting apps go up to 2g of carbs for black coffee (which seems a bit high based on our research).

As a final thought, while our current line up includes only black coffees, we are hoping to launch a line of Instant Lattes later this year. We think a vanilla, oat milk latte would make an amazing addition to the Instant Adventure lineup!

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