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Making a Big Deal about Decaf

It feels sort of silly to be so excited about decaffeinated coffee, but our Palo Rosa sugarcane processed decaf is a single-origin Colombian coffee worthy of recognition. 
There are plenty of reasons to enjoy a good cup of decaf. Perhaps a sensitivity to caffeine, the desire for a late day cup, or a preference for coffee without the 'buzz'. What ever the reason, we take pride in offering a delicious decaf worth drinking.
Our decaf comes from a single farm in Colombia and is so good that we can pull an espresso shot in our cafe and trick all but the most discerning pallet into not knowing it's decaffeinated. It's that smooth and flavorful! 
So how is coffee decaffeinated and what exactly is 'sugarcane processed'? 
Green coffee beans are warmed and soaked in a liquid (water, water and solvents) and/or exposed to either other solvents or 'super critical carbon dioxide' (co2 under pressure is a liquid that the coffee is soaked in to extract the caffeine).
In countries like Colombia where sugar cane is readily available, the sugar cane is used to make a fermented molasses. The alcohol produced is then mixed to create an ethyl acetate wash that draws and dissolves caffeine from steamed coffee beans. This process is also referred to as 'natural process decaffeination'. Since the beans are not subject to high pressure or oversaturated with water, the integrity of the coffee bean structure and flavor remain intact. 
FUN FACT: no decaffeinated process removes 100% of the caffeine in coffee. However they do remove around 97% of caffeine. 

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