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  • Go on a global journey with our Cascadia Instant: World Tour Variety Pack!

    Your box includes 3 packets of each of Cascadia's Special Single Origin favorites from Brazil and Sumatra alongside 4 packets of each of Cascadia's Classic Blends including Cannonball, Mountain Sunrise,and Vista Trail plus 2 Colombia Decaf packets for times when you've had enough caffeine.

    Whether your adventure is the backcountry, on the road, at home or in the office, Cascadia’s Specialty Instant Coffee packs provide an outstanding cup of coffee with the ease of just adding water.

    Our Cascadia Instant is brewed to smooth-drinking perfection, then flash-dried and packed into convenient, single-serve packets.

    Add 8-10 oz of hot water to your favorite mug, stir and enjoy.

    Your delicious coffee is ready in 10 seconds flat!


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