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Love Coffee

Love Coffee is a human care collaboration between Laundry Love and Cascadia Coffee Roasters. We seek to brighten the lives of thousands of people each month through love, dignity, and detergent.

The Tumbler: Fair trade, organic dark-roast blend. Tasting notes of toasted oak, sugar, and cartelized nut.

Top Loader: Fair trade, organic medium-roast blend. Tasting notes of rich earth, chocolate and orange peel.

The Irony: Decaf, medium-roast special origin. Tasting notes of sweet orange and sugar cane. Process: Swiss water.


$3.00 of every 12 oz. purchase and $5.00 of every 2.5 pound purchase are donated to support local Laundry Love locations that wash the clothes and bedding of low income persons and families.

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