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Special Origin

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We’ve sourced some very special coffee beans and roasted them to perfection to create this collection of single-origin coffees sure to please even the most discriminating coffee lovers. We’re pleased to make them available to you in 10-oz whole bean bags and Instant Adventure Specialty instant coffees 6-packs.


Sumatra Tuvu Batak: Medium-Plus Roast
A bold, flavorful coffee from the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra in Indonesia. It has a sweet, earthy, low-acid profile that is truly distinctive. We’ve roasted this coffee to a medium plus (just short of 2nd crack which signifies the separation between medium and dark), so that the bold, earthy, tobacco and nutty flavors are optimized.

Brazil Joao Marcos Botehlo: Medium Roast
This is a unique coffee because of the Anaerobic Fermentation method used for processing. Anaerobic Fermentation is an experimental process done in oxygen-deprived vessels for longer times than traditional fermentation. This typically creates more intense flavors. In this case of this Brazilian coffee, those of black tea and grape soda.

Kenya Gatunu Kigio: Light Roast
In 2018, the Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters (KCCE) invested a great deal to educate the Gatunyu Kigio farming community members and staff about proper farming and picking techniques. They ensure the factories in their region are following expertly-developed protocols for washing and drying the coffee for optimal quality and consistency. We are proud to celebrate these efforts by making Kenya Gatunu Kigio coffee available as one of our Special Origin coffees. Enjoy the stone fruit and melon notes of this special coffee.

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